Marcus Morris Reacts to Ejection: 'We Not Taking No Sh**'

Justin Anderson and Marcus Morris

The two teams will meet again on Friday in NY for another preseason game.

According to an industry official, it does not appear new Knicks forward Marcus Morris will receive a suspension after his Flagrant 2 ejection in Monday's preseason opener for batting a ball in the face of Wizards forward Justin Anderson.

Now, in his first game in a Knicks jersey, Morris was ejected.

In the team's 104-99 win, he played a game-high 40 minutes and finished with a team-high 17 points (tied with Marcus Morris).

"Am I concerned [about a suspension]?". Afterward, he was brief about the incident, saying he wouldn't have done it if it was the regular season, while also adding, "we not taking no s--".

"He's just fearless. The thing I was most proud of is how he competed defensively", Coach Fizdale said. If that was regular season I wouldn't have done that. "My team needs me, I've got to be smarter and set a better example. So it is what it is".

Marcus Morris is not doing himself any favors in the eyes of National Basketball Association fans.

"You can't be surprised with nothing that the twins do", Beal told reporters. "Insane in the preseason, though".



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