Kate makes superb remarks on Pakistan in an interview

Major US newspaper calls Prince William and Kate’s royal tour of Pakistan ‘highly successful

The pilot of the RAF Voyager tried to make a landing at two different airports, reported by a magazine, After landing, the Prince, who himself is an experienced pilot, reassured everyone about their safety and even joked that the one flying the Voyager was him.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton summarises their eventful maiden tour to Pakistan as "fantastic" having seen a lot of Pakistan.

The Duke and Duchess were initally meant to depart Lahore on Thursday evening after visiting the SOS Children's Village but a thunderstorm meant their plane was unable to land in Islamabad and they had to turn back.

But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ripped up the timetable for their high-profile Pakistan tour - to visit the home of a family they met by the side of the road.

The royal couple's planned visit to Khyber Pass then had to be cancelled because of shortage of time.

Speaking to reporters at the Canine Centre, Prince William emphasised the importance of security ties between Pakistan and the UK.

"That nurturing of this place really comes through", William said during the visit - per E!

On Friday morning, the couple again chose to change their schedule, in order to return to an orphanage at the SOS Children's Village they had visited the previous day, because they felt they had only "touched the surface".

"I am passionate about giving young children the best possible start in life and this SOS village is doing just that", she explained.

Kate Middleton and Prince William did order a strategy of whimsy to their diplomatic mission, arriving on the hilltop monument in a rickshaw painted with the Pakistani and United Kingdom flags. "You have shown us too that it is not simply a term that describes the relationship between blood relatives", the duchess said. "When we went up to Chitral to see the glacier and then looked around, she took some great photos up there", he said.

Many journalists accompanied the royal couple on the visit.



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