First all-female spacewalk is back on, scheduled for Oct 21

The first all-female spacewalk is back on, six months after the original one was canceled due to a lack of proper spacesuits.

The two astronauts worked on the port side of the space station or the far left of the ISS.

The pair of astronauts began to replace the nickel-hydrogen batteries with newer and more powerful lithium-ion batteries.

After completion of the battery spacewalks, the second half of this sequence of spacewalks will focus on repairs to the space station's Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. Astronauts have been upgrading them since 2017 and are halfway there.

Today, more than half of the batteries are already replaced. The batteries being replaced are ten years old; the new copies should last until the end of the ISS mission.

The International Space Station is powered by eight solar array wings with four on each side of the space station.

Meanwhile, the batteries are vital as these provide electricity to the orbiting laboratory when it's passing through the Earth's shadow.

Six of the new batteries were delivered to the station in October by a Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle.

It is too far for the 58ft (17 metre) robot arm to reach, forcing Koch and Morgan to lug the batteries back and forth themselves.

Although the massive weight of the battery is nearly nonexistent in space, it still proved to be tough for the two astronauts. Koch mentioned at one point that he is right next to them.

Both astronauts updated one another until the work was done.

Then five more US-Italian spacewalks will be conducted in November and December to fix a key science instrument.

The astronauts were also able to accomplish get-ahead tasks, including the removal of an additional nickel-hydrogen battery, originally scheduled for the second spacewalk.

Overall, there will be 10 spacewalks over the next three months, "a cadence that has not been experienced since assembly of the space station was completed in 2011", according to a tweet by NASA.

Koch is also expected to make history for the longest single spaceflight by a woman with an astounding 328 days.

Koch and Meir were asked in an interview from space on Friday about whether they mind having their accomplishments qualified by their gender, i.e. the first all-female spacewalk and longest spaceflight by a woman.



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