Company planning to pull together Apple Music, Arcade, News

Company planning to pull together Apple Music, Arcade, News

While many record labels are exploring this idea, others are concerned about the pricing and their relationship with Apple.

The report suggests that labels are anxious Apple could cut music streaming revenue, which could have a major impact on profitability.

Apple Music now commands $9.99 per month and Apple TV+, which is scheduled to launch on November 1, will be introduced at $4.99 per month.

Apparently the feeling isn't shared across the board, with the sources speaking with the FT claiming some major players in the industry are open to the idea.

Apple TV+, a streaming video service with original shows, launches on November 1 for £5 a month - cheaper than Netflix, which recently increased its United Kingdom tariff to £8.99.

Customers who purchase any new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac or iPod touch starting September 10 will get one year of Apple TV+ for free.

Cupertino tech giant Apple is planning on combining the content and features of Apple Music and Apple TV+ in one "Super Bundle", a Financial Times report revealed. The super bundles could come in tiers, with each tier bundle having a different offering and a different price.

What Apple seems to be working on with this new proposed bundle offers some interesting possibilities, such as an opportunity to include the company's subscription news service Apple News+. Video available to buy or rent will be mixed in with other movies and shows - including exclusive offerings through Apple TV Plus.

When it comes to music, however, Apple is at the mercy of the record labels and whatever licensing agreements it can work out.

However, there is a catch - a catch 22 - if you drop the Apple subscription, you lose every piece of music you have acquired. Such a move will definitely make things more convenient for users looking to subscribe to various services offered by Apple, and it could also help get more people onboard various services that Apple offers.

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