When can you see the Harvest Moon in Toronto?

Full Moon

Making Friday night and Saturday night the ideal opportunity in Perth to witness the smaller moon. The moon is known as a harvest moon because it appears full for much longer than other full moons, usually lasting longer into the night and appearing full for a few days after.

Although there is no universal definition of what qualifies as a supermoon or micromoon, Time and Date says micromoons must be more than 404 999 km away from Earth.

As the final Full Moon before the season's change, this represents an opportunity to "harvest" all we can before we embrace into the new season. Most of the time, the moon sits somewhere in between those bounds. Friday night's moon will be 1 313 km farther than that. Until it's firmly planted high in the sky, however, it'll be tough to appreciate just how small it looks.

Harvest moons get their name because they happen closest to the fall equinox.

Maine Farmers' Almanac astronomer Joe Rao said the decreased size is because of the position of the moon when it peaks. The origin of this is traced to the 13 Apostils and the last super being on Friday.

The full moon has been associated with superstition and mystical happenings in many cultures.

He told the Express: "To add to this Full Moon 'madness", this upcoming Full Moon very almost coincides with apogee - that point in its orbit which places it at its greatest distance from the Earth: 252,100 miles away. There will be two blue moons in a span of three months - a blue moon defined as the second full moon in a calendar month.

Additionally, the Full Harvest Moon rises at sunset and then will rise very near sunset for several nights in a row because the difference is at a yearly minimum. Any 13 on a Friday was considered unlucky.



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