UK Labour’s Corbyn: A no-deal Brexit is a 'Trump-deal Brexit'

UK Labour’s Corbyn: A no-deal Brexit is a 'Trump-deal Brexit'

Communication Workers Union general secretary Dave Ward said: "If Tom Watson is so keen to delay an election perhaps he should delay his own and not bother standing as a Labour MP".

He predicted Labour would win an overall majority in the Commons if there was an election this year, he said the alternatives if Mr Corbyn does not become PM were "pretty bleak".

Speaking in Brighton, Corbyn said: "Congress, the coming general election will be a chance for a real change of direction".

The PM has pledged to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union by October 31, but Mr McDonnell insisted that if Parliament had given the Conservative leader the power to call an election, "he would then use that power to take us over the deadline and over the cliff off a no-deal Brexit".

Asked about his deputy's comments, Mr Corbyn said on Wednesday: "It's Tom's view, I don't accept it and I don't agree with it".

Mr Roache added: "We are heading into a general election and we welcome a general election, bring it on".

John McDonnell has said the people of Scotland must determine the mandate on which a second independence referendum could be called, as the senior Labour figure again refused to rule out another vote on the constitution.

He added: "My experience on the doorstep tells me most of those who've deserted us over our Brexit policy did so with deep regret and would greatly prefer to come back; they just want us to take an unequivocal position that, whatever happens, we'll fight to remain, and to sound like we mean it".

"In the next few weeks the establishment will come after us with all they've got, because they know we're not afraid to take them on".

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet are desperately searching for a way to navigate their way out of a Brexit impasse.

Mr McDonnell said: 'It is the choice we are faced with at the moment - if we allow them to continue on, it is between socialism or the barbaric undermining of some of the civilising influences and public services that we need'.

"They will get the chance for a public vote, under a Labour government, to vote between Remain and a credible option that we will negotiate with the European Union".

Labour's increasing shift towards Remain has angered MPs in some Eurosceptic constituencies who fear the stance could alienate voters.



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