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In 2007, new dancer Destiny gets some pointers from Ramona (Jennifer Lopez), a veteran dancer with lots of regulars and industry knowledge. She and her fiance, 43-year-old Alex Rodriguez - who grew up in Miami - have a residence there and spend plenty of time in the city.

Jennifer shares her twins - 11-year-old Max and Emme - with ex-husband Marc Anthony, and Alex has two daughters - 14-year-old Natasha and 11-year-old Ella - with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis. I don't know if there was somebody (talking to the media) who had a gripe or she had a bad day one day. As she told ET, she can't even confirm Rodriguez's recent comments that it'll be a "long flight" away.

theGrio caught up with Keke Palmer to find out how she learned to work the pole for her new role just before news broke that she would be joining Michael Strahan for GMA:3 for good.

The actress hasn't even picked a time to tie the knot. "We can't narrow it down yet", she revealed.

The movie and its strong cast have been getting a lot of awards season buzz ahead of its premiere, and Lopez says the support and love has been really appreciated. I personally have always appreciated Alex Rodriguez, so was eager to do some deep research into them. "I think, like, when you're a little girl and you're dreaming, you know, you want to be an actress or you want to be a singer". That's a fun headline for people but doesn't necessarily mean it's true. Then everything will be quiet with the acting and then I'll just be focused on music speaking engagements.

With appearances from rapper/former exotic dancer Cardi B and twerk-tastic musical sensation Lizzo (both of whom essentially play fictionalized versions of themselves), Hustlers is endlessly amusing, sexy and lively. "It's awesome. I'm not really thinking about anything else except kind of living in the moment and feeling really happy that people are loving it".

Lopez's critically praised new film Hustlers opens in theaters September 13.



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