Ring Fit Adventure could give Switch its Wii Fit breakout

Ring Fit Adventure is an upcoming Nintendo Switch game that will use the Ring Con, a circular controller that employs the Joy-Cons from the system to detect certain motions during the game. Ring Fit Adventure tracks your daily workout routines and turns some of the more popular exercises into mini-games.

The game looks like a classic fantasy adventure where players control a hero that has to fight through enemies to save the land from a bodybuilder dragon. The Leg Strap is attached to the player's upper left leg, while the Ring-Con is held in both hands. You pick a stage, then you jog or run in place to progress on a set path. Squeezing the Ring-Con lets you blast parts of the environment or - if you aim it down - jump over obstacles. Players can attack and defend using more than 40 Fit Skills, which are exercise moves divided into arms, abs, legs and yoga categories.

Throughout the years, various companies have made attempts at turning exercise into games, with one of the most notable examples being Nintendo's Wii Fit. Actions that the player performs in-game will earn experience for their character, with level-ups boosting stats and unlocking new Fit Skills that can be used in battle.

In addition to the the standard adventure mode, there are a number of quick play modes as well.

It's not all about the adventure though - those who want to focus on the fitness can play Set and focus on certain muscle groups, or parties can bust out the minigames. High scores are recorded so everyone can challenge their personal bests. By activating this mode, jogging-style exercises are swapped out for ones that are a little quieter, allowing players to keep their legs active without a heavy impact on the floor.

On Thursday, Nintendo released a seven-minute video about Ring Fit Adventure and the Ring Con.

The game includes the Rig-Con and strap, and will go on sale on October 18 for $80.



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