Rare Harvest Moon to appear for some on Friday the 13th

Rare full Harvest micromoon is coming Friday the 13th

You won't want to miss this Micro Harvest Moon.

The spooky occurrence is a spectacle that rarely happens.

Patrick Sullivan wrote on Twitter: "So September 13 is going to be Friday the 13th". Plus it's going to be a Full Moon and not only that, it's going to be a Full Harvest Moon. Those in the central, mountain or pacific time zones will be able to see the full moon before midnight on September 13.

Alena Kiel said: "Anyway so my birthday is on Friday the 13th and there's a Full Moon so I guess I'm gonna be extra powerful this year".

A rare full moon will be visible in the night sky across the United States on Friday the 13th.

"So, grab a friend and head outside on Friday night!" But in the days leading up to the Harvest Moon, this interval shortens to around 27 minutes on average, meaning there is more light available to farmers after sunset. In this alignment-which occurs roughly every once a month-the face of the moon that we can see is fully illuminated, appearing like a ideal circle.

The moon should appear full from September 12 until September 15, although NASA says it won't be completely full until 9:30 pm.

Technically, a full moon occurs at a specific moment.

When viewed from Los Angeles, the Full Moon will peak around 9.32pm PDT.

Why is the Harvest Moon so special this year?

Experts say this phenomenon is said to occur once every 20 years on average. As a result, the full moon this week will appear about 14 percent smaller.

In astronomical terms, the moon is considered "full" when the Earth is positioned between the sun and our natural satellite.

Last February, the moon was at its closest point to Earth and called a "Supermoon".



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