Rare full moon to illuminate night sky on Friday the 13th

A rare Harvest Moon, also called a micromoon, will be visible in the skies this week - on Friday the 13th for some.

Experts say the best time to see the moon is by looking to the east at the moonrise on Friday or by looking to the west at moonset early Saturday morning.

The Moon on Saturday night into Sunday morning also will be mostly a full moon.

Alena Kiel said: "Anyway so my birthday is on Friday the 13th and there's a Full Moon so I guess I'm gonna be extra powerful this year". In this alignment-which occurs roughly every once a month-the face of the moon that we can see is fully illuminated, appearing like a flawless circle.

When does fall begin?

Fall begins with the fall equinox, which is still more than 3 weeks off.

"But if you live elsewhere in the country-in the Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones-the moment that the Moon turns full comes before midnight on Friday, the 13th".

Normally, the moon rises around 50 minutes later each day on average. The bright light of the moon allows farmers to work a little bit later into the night to bring in their crops before fall sets in.

It's time to get spooky!

Despite all those special qualities, the full moon this weekend won't be a particularly impressive site.

Adding to the rarity, this upcoming full moon almost coincides with apogee, the point in the moon's orbit which places it at its greatest distance from Earth at 252,100 miles away. As a result, the full moon this week will appear about 14 percent smaller.

While superstitiously known as an unlucky day, this Friday will be lucky for skywatchers who have been waiting for this month's Harvest Moon.

When viewed from Los Angeles, the Full Moon will peak around 9.32pm PDT.



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