New Monopoly Game Lets Women Earn More Than Men

Hasbro's latest riff in the

To mark the advent of "Ms. Monopoly", Hasbro doled out $20,580 - not in game money, but real cash - to a trio of teenage female inventors, the paper said: Gitanjali Rao, 13, of Denver; Sophia Wang, 16, of CT, and Ava Canney, also 16, from Ireland. You can also pre-order the new board game now.

In this new version, female players get more money.

Another big difference in the new game: Women earn more than men.

World - Monopoly is turning the gender pay gap upside down with a new version of the board game where women earn more than men, its creators - inspired by female trailblazers - said on Tuesday.

When "Ms. Monopoly" hits shelves starting this week, she will be the first character other than "Rich Uncle Pennybags" - the game's traditional mascot and described by Hasbro as Ms. Monopoly's uncle - to appear on the cover of the iconic board game.

For the many, many people heavily invested in Monopoly canon, Ms. Monopoly herself is apparently Mr. Monopoly's niece, and a "self-made investment guru".

Do not pass go, do not collect...$240?

Instead of building houses and hotels, players build business headquarters.

The game is meant to highlight women who have challenged the status quo, said Hasbro, adding that women held only about 10% of all patented inventions.

It's "a fun new take on the game that creates a world where women have an advantage often enjoyed by men," the company said in a statement. The game functioned under two sets of rules: The first allowed all players to be rewarded when wealth was generated, while the second set of rules let players build up their own monopolies with the sole intention to beat opponents.

Each female player gets the advantage before anyone even rolls the dice, as women receive $1,900 to the $1,500 given to the male players. She created what she called the Landlord's Game to propagate the ideas of Henry George, a 19th century proponent of "single tax theory", who believed that land ownership was the only thing that should be taxed. Elizabeth Magie - a writer, inventor and feminist - was one of the pioneers of land-grabbing games.

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