Google finally rolling out dark mode for Gmail on Android

Google Play Store

The dark mode has a dark grey colour scheme for the background and navigation drawer with red accent colours to note what inbox you're viewing.

Luckily, the theme does not look half baked and covers nearly all the major aspects, judging by these screenshots. The look is becoming an increasing-popular option, with Google Gmail now following apps including Google Calendar and Facebook Messenger incorporating the dark mode theme. The overflow menu and checkboxes had a darker shade of blue but with Android 10 rolling out with system-wide dark mode, the app now has a more functional and refined dark mode.

In addition to this option, Google Gmail includes a manual light and dark toggle.

One reason we might not have seen a similar dark mode roll out yet for the Play Store app has to do with the interface that relies in large part on the presence of all the app icons, but that's just a guess as to why that one still hasn't arrived.

Gmail users with an older version of Android can manually convert Gmail to the dark dark via the settings.

The dark mode option simply put turns your white screens to black and your black text to white. Along with dark mode, the latest update also brings some Media Player improvements in the form of new controls, such as Skip, Rewind, and Autoplay.

Reddit users started posting that they now have the dark mode option on their Pixel devices. While it boasts of several software features that will improve the performance and health of the smartphones, one of the most talked-about features was the new "Dark" mode.

This is something Apple teased earlier this year in its iOS walkthrough.



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