Duty-free shopping to return under no-deal Brexit

The challenges Brexit poses to Britain's economy

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe announced the news while responding to a statement from the United Kingdom government that it intends to reintroduce duty-free shopping for passengers travelling to European Union countries if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without a deal on 31 October. "There is a way of getting a deal but it will require a lot of hard work".

Ireland told Johnson on Monday that he must make specific proposals on the future of the Irish border if there is to be any hope of averting a no-deal Brexit, saying Dublin can not rely on simple promises.

Al Jazeera's Charlie Angela reports from London.

The EU has said it expects Britain to honour all the financial obligations made during its membership of the bloc even after a no-deal Brexit.

His predecessor, Theresa May, reached an agreement with Brussels past year but MPs rejected it three times.

There is growing speculation among MPs that the current government will not abide by the law, and will not ask for an extension from the European Union, which itself may not be inclined to give one, as France indicated earlier that it may veto any extension.

There is speculation Johnson could resign alternatively than check with for a delay, but anyone - most likely a civil servant, or an opposition politician - would have to make the request.

Right after expelling 21 of his Conservative MPs who rebelled over the Brexit legislation very last week, Johnson no lengthier has a vast majority in the 650-seat Household of Commons.

This leaves him in an impossible situation, unable to govern, and an election is seen as nearly inevitable.

But the timing stays in problem. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn met other opposition party leaders on Monday and they agreed they would vote against his election bid.

Two-thirds of MPs have to guidance an early election, but parliament is now suspended until October 14.

Talk is now turning to a November poll.

If Johnson wins a subsequent election, or can forge a pact with the eurosceptic Brexit Party, he could still force through a "no deal" divorce in the months ahead.



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