Beckham plans to wear luxury watch on field again

Odell Beckham Jr feels singled out over watch criticism

It's unclear if the National Football League fined Beckham for wearing the watch or if they just told him to stop wearing it, but going forward if he continues to wear it, the National Football League will probably start to fine him. The object in question is a Richard Mille watch (retails around $190,000) that the star wide receiver sported this past Sunday.

"You've got to look into the rulebook".

A company spokesperson said Beckham wasn't paid to wear the watch on the field and isn't a brand ambassador.

According to Mary Kay Cabot, Beckham said he wants it to be about football going forward, not the watch, but he is planning on continuing to wear the watch going forward. While Beckham wasn't fined for wearing the watch, the league informed the team that it has a policy barring players from bringing "hard objects" onto the field. "The watch is plastic", he said.

Beckham tweeted on Monday night, "If it ain't one's another". "People have knee braces on that are hard and made out of metal".

"Yeah, that's just my life", Beckham said. "If I ain't this, it's something else", he said.

Rafael Nadal and Bubba Watson play with a watch on but they are ENDORSED by Richard Mille; Odell Beckham is not even endorsed by them and wore it on his own. "If it wasn't the watch, it would've been the way I'd tied my shoes". C'mon, if you see him wearing this in practice, you have to tell him to take the watch off. As of Monday afternoon, the league had addressed the issue with the Browns and meant to contact Beckham.

'If anybody else would've worn the watch, or if it was a $20 watch, it wouldn't have been no problem, ' Beckham said.

In his franchise debut following a March trade by the Giants, Beckham led the Browns with seven catches for 71 yards on 11 targets.



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