Apple's Special Event Highlights Summed Up

Apple's Special Event Highlights Summed Up

Apple's new iPhones: The hurdles ahead ZDNet's Larry Dignan outlines the big questions surrounding Apple's latest iPhone launch and whether the company can break through the upgrade cycle malaise. Kawoosa says while the prices of the iPhone 11 will likely not be dropped by Apple during the Diwali buying season, you could expect its prices to trickle downwards over time, just like the iPhone XR's did. Apple Arcade is launching September 19, with a price of $4.99 per month for a family subscription. Konami will also be releasing a new version of its classic Frogger game. According to Apple, interested users can subscribe to and watch Apple TV+ from on the Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browsers. Apple said it would offer a free year-long subscription to the video service for customers who purchased a new device. Especially because beyond their displays and camera modules, the basic iPhone 11 and the Pro devices are remarkably similar.

Apple may also share more details of its upcoming streaming service Apple TV+ - a new Netflix rival. Some features rumoured to be coming to the new iPhone 11 didn't end up in the final product, including two-way wireless charging, something that's already available in some of its competitors.

The biggest highlight of the new iPhone 11, as always, is the updated camera. Both the wide and the telephoto cameras have OIS. Apple will use the iPhone's computers to do remarkable things with the images from each of them. The iPhone's venerable camera interface doesn't facilitate quick switching between taking photos and video while on the go: It's easy to accidentally take a video when you meant to take a photo, and vice versa.

And as is its practice, Apple cut prices on some existing phones: The base model of the iPhone XR is now $599, while the iPhone 8 is reduced to $449. Apple is also expected to launch the new Watch Series 5 along with the HomePod Mini smart speaker powered by Siri. Lesson number one: If you're a multi-billion-dollar corporation, maybe don't try to give features like this a cutesy name instead of letting one arise organically.

The Silicon Valley titan also announced a new 10.2-inch iPad with retina display and a beefed-up A10 Fusion chip.

And then there is Apple's much-vaunted move into TV production.

"In a lot of ways, the Apple event didn't have many surprises", said eMarketer principal analyst Yoram Wurmser, adding that the new iPhones come with only "incremental advances" over previous models.



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