Apple and Foxconn broke Chinese labor law to build latest iPhones

Apple and Foxconn broke Chinese labor law to build latest iPhones

Apple Inc. and its manufacturing partner Foxconn violated a Chinese labor rule through the use of too many momentary staff in the world's largest iPhone factory, and the companies confirmed following a report that additionally alleged harsh working circumstances.

The Chinese Labor Watch group signaled that Foxconn's factories are breaking Chinese law.

"There's a significant level of content from the United States and a lot from Japan to [South] Korea to China, and the European Union also contributes a fair amount, and so, that's the nature of a global supply chain", he said.

The CLW report revealed that several of its investigators were employed at Hon Hai's Zhengzhou Foxconn factory, and one of the investigators worked for Foxconn for more than four years, adding that due to the long investigation period, the report was able to learn many details about the working and living conditions at the factory in Henan province.

Foxconn separately confirmed over-reliance on temporary workers, known internally dispatch workers. Chinese law stipulates that only 10% of a factory's plant should be temporary. It is now "working closely with Foxconn to resolve this issue", it says.

Apple has sought to mitigate poor labor standards in some of its vendors by pressuring them to change their practices or face losing contracts with the Silicon Valley giant, as well as with an annual responsibility report on its supply chain. However, suppliers and assemblers are always trying to churn out more handsets.

Temporary workers are reportedly not receiving promised bonuses while others are violating a law that limits overtime hours by working 100 a month instead of the maximum of 36.

China Labor Watch notes that temporary workers were rare before 2015, but Foxconn has increasingly relied on them in the past few years.

In addition, student employees supposedly worked illegal overtime. Chinese law does not allow this kind of workers to take extra hours. Finally, the Foxconn factory supposedly does not provide necessary safety equipment or training.

Work injuries are not reported by the factory, and verbal abuse is common there. Find out the event timing according to your region.

Update: Foxconn and Apple have allegedly recognized a portion of the infringement delineated by CLW. However, Apple also acknowledged that "this has been corrected" and the overtime work was voluntary and properly compensated, dispelling any potential notion of forced labor.

We looked into the claims by China Labor Watch and most of the allegations are false.

The CLW report claims workers at the Zhengzhou plant must get approval to not do overtime. After taxes and mandatory fees, they get roughly CNY 3,000 (roughly Rs. 30,000) a month, according to the CLW report.



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