American Airlines waves goodbye to its 80s workhorse

Boeing 737 Max

United Airlines passengers fearful of boarding a Boeing 737 Max will be able to rebook flights for free once United starts flying the planes again. American Airlines cancelled about 200 flights nationwide today so they could inspect some wiring aboard their MD-80 aircraft. American was the first of the large USA -based airlines to introduce the aircraft to its fleet and, by 2003, was operating 362 of the iconic planes, representing approximately one-third of all MD-80s ever produced by McDonnell Douglas.

"It's just sad to see her go, but we got to move on-take on some new aircraft, and move forward", Brown said.

Of all the domestic airlines, United has the least exposure to the 737 MAX.

American has been flying the classic Super 80 since 1983.

The latter issue can be addressed with upgrades to flight software and will not require major changes in plane hardware that are more costly and extensive, this person added.

The European Aviation Safety Agency, which regulates air travel in the region, has laid out four conditions that must be met before the grounded Boeing 737 Max can return to European skies.

During the grounding of the Max model, Boeing engineers have been answering questions and working their way through hundreds of queries brought up by the FAA and other regulatory bodies around the world. In October 2018 a Ryan Air 737 MAX 8 crashed on takeoff in Indonesia.

According to a statement by the government aviation agency, FAA employees have logged in over 110 thousand hours on the Max alone."The FAA's certification of the Boeing 737 Max is the subject of several independent reviews and investigations that will examine all aspects of the five-year effort", the agency said. In March of this year, an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX 8 also crashed on takeoff under similar circumstances.

In both instances, investigators believe the sensor may have transmitted faulty information to the flight control system during takeoff, triggering an automated response that pointed the nose of the plane down when it should have been climbing.



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