You can now send reminders for friends and family via Google Assistant

You can now send reminders for friends and family via Google Assistant

"The Assistant will then create a reminder that will pop-up for Claire when the Assistant recognizes that she has arrived at the Ferry Building".

Although assignable reminders on the Google Assistant are certainly geared towards being more organized and productive with your family and friends, you can use this feature to send an endearing message or a word of encouragement. So your annoying buddies won't be able to set a daily reminder on your phone to let you know that you are still bad at fantasy football... not that I'm bitter.

That can get pretty tedious - but Google Assistant may have a better solution, with the announcement that the voice assistant can now assign reminders to different people in your household.

You can even set location-based reminders; for example, a reminder for Sarah to buy bread when she gets to the grocery store. A new Google Assistant update that will soon roll out in English in the U.S., U.K., and Australia will allow you to create reminders for anybody in your Google Family group. You can also see which reminders you've assigned to Tim by saying, "Hey Google, what are my reminders for Tim?" "What are my reminders for George") or the reminders you've received (eg. Google also said that the feature can be used to send little notes or messages, like "Hey Google, remind Mary that she'll do great in her presentation".

Google has at least built in some controls to limit the reach of its busybody agent. Assistant users will only be able to send reminders to people in their Google family group or people who have accounts linked to the same Smart Display or speaker and who are both Voice Matched and listed in the initiator's Google Contacts database.

Reminders are slated to show up in the coming weeks in English, for Assistant-enabled phones, speakers and Smart Displays in the US, UK and Australia, and for the Google Nest Hub Max when/if it shows up in the fall.

Sounds useful. I'm looking forward to testing this.

If parents want to assign reminders to kids under 13, they can give them access to Assistant through a Family Link tool on Google's site.



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