US National security adviser heads to London

Boris Johnson has refused to rule out an election this year

His comments came after meeting Prime Minister Boris Johnson at No 10.

He made it clear that the United States government "fully understands" that Brexit is the UK's first priority, and said issues like Iran, China, and the involvement of the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei in building the UK's 5G mobile infrastructure could be put off until after the UK leaves the EU.

National security adviser John Bolton headed to London Sunday to start a two-day trip of meeting key players in the new government, marking the highest ranking U.S. official to visit the United Kingdom since Boris Johnson became prime minister.

A "divorce" deal - which sets out how the United Kingdom leaves - has not been agreed and prime minister Boris Johnson has pledged to leave whether one is reached or not.

"We want to move very quickly".

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union on October 31, its biggest geopolitical shift since World War Two, many diplomats expect London to become increasingly reliant on the United States.

When asked whether his proposed plan would follow World Trade Organisation rules, he said "our trade negotiators seem to think it is".

Johnson spoke to Trump on Monday, discussing Brexit, trade and economic issues, his office said.

Britain will leave the Common Fisheries Policy - which allows European Union fishermen access to British waters - and become an independent coastal state if, as increasingly feared, it crashes out of the bloc without a deal on October 31.

-British free trade agreement in order to help cushion Britain when it exits the European Union. We arm individual investors and traders with state-of-the-art tools, a powerful skill set and a clear understanding of the markets so they can pave their own path to profitability.

The US president openly rooted for Johnson during his campaign for May's job following her resignation over the Brexit impasse.

Britain has been under pressure to take a more hawkish approach to Iran since its seizure of an Iranian oil tanker near Gibraltar in early July - it was suspected the ship was marshaling oil to Syria.

The UK has committed to joining Operation Sentinel, the mission to protect maritime security in the Persian Gulf.

Trump has also sought Britain's help in getting tougher on the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei out of concern that its next-generation 5G technology represent a national security risk.

Britain and its European allies have irritated Trump's team by trying to save a landmark nuclear agreement with Iran which Washington pulled out of previous year.



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