Tesla Burst into Flames After Accident in Russian Federation

Tesla Burst into Flames After Accident in Russian Federation

A Tesla Model 3 exploded in Moscow, Russia last night after a crash with a broken-down stopped tow truck.

Footage published by a Moscow resident on Instagram and later shown on state TV channel Rossiya 24 showed two explosions taking place in quick succession and the vehicle being engulfed in flames and emitting black smoke while heavy traffic passed beside it.

Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) has stood by safety claims for its Model 3 in the face of regulatory scrutiny, while documents showed the top US automotive safety watchdog issued at least five subpoenas since a year ago seeking information about crashes involving the company's vehicles.

Driver Alexei Tretyakov told REN TV that he was in Autopilot drive assistance mode, still holding the steering wheel, when his Tesla Model 3 collided with the truck.

A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) showed that many drivers may still be carrying around the notion that the feature equips the vehicle with self-driving or autonomous capabilities. We don't know what model of Tesla vehicle it was, but it's safe to say it doesn't matter - the auto is in a bad way in that video.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has defended Tesla electric vehicles, saying that the cars are less likely to catch on fire than regular cars with combustion engines. Tretyakov reportedly suffered a broken leg while the extent of injuries sustained by the two children is most recently said to be limited to bruising.

He said: "I was going along Moscow Ring road in the left lane with a speed of 100kph (62mph) and did not notice a parked GAZelle tow truck". All three escaped from the vehicle.

In response to the release of the documents, Tesla defended the Model 3 safety claims, arguing that they were based on the NHTSA's data.

A law enforcement source said: "The Tesla was probably driving on autopilot and couldn't recognise the tow truck in front of it, after which it caught fire".

In yet another shocking moment, Tesla was captured burning in flames after the vehicle faced fatal collision with a tow truck in Moscow, Russia.

The company could not immediately be reached for comment outside of normal U.S. business hours.



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