Perseids meteor shower to peak Monday night with stunning FIREBALL displays

August 11th to 13th will be prime time for the Perseid Meteor showers

The moon will frustrate proceedings somewhat as a full moon is due on Thursday, meaning the sky will likely be washed out for the majority of viewers, but fear not, as the Perseids have an ace up their sleeve.

The Perseid meteor shower will be lighting up the night sky once again on the night of August 12th and 13th.

NASA said: "The Perseids, which peak during mid-August, are considered the best meteor shower of the year".

The annual meteor shower peaked on Tuesday morning but will still be visible and worth viewing the rest of the week.

The team tweeted: "Our meteor watchers had their cameras on this week to look out for #Perseids - but they ended up spotting a more earthbound surprise, too!" The debris is left behind the comet and creates a giant oval that extends from beyond Pluto to around the sun.

Because the moon will almost be full, the best chance to see the meteors will be when the moon is low in the west, or the brief period after it sets. Perseid meteors pose no danger to Earth, according to NASA.

If you need an excuse to get out and enjoy the last of the warm summer nights, the Perseid meteor shower is it. recommends waking up "early - very early - about an hour before sunrise, when the moon is low and the shower's radiant is high in the sky".



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