Minecraft's Super Duper Graphics Pack canceled for being 'too technically demanding'

Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack

Way back in 2017, Mojang announced a Super Duper Graphics Pack for Minecraft as part of an E3 teaser. The update was initially meant to launch in 2017 but unfortunately saw several delays. Mojang is instead "looking into other ways for you to experience Minecraft with a new look".

It's highly likely that Mojang's push for platform parity lead to the cancellation.

Minecraft will be staying rugged and pixelated after a new announcement on the official website detailing that the game will not be receiving its "Super Duper Graphics Pack". The main reason it has been axed is to do with the pack's performance across devices. Discovering after two years that you can't justify the update because some products can't run it, if true, speaks to some rather odd development priorities.

The SDGP required a complete rewrite of the Minecraft graphics engine.

Not much makes sense about this. Minecraft developer Mojang has confirmed that it has now stopped its development.

It would seem that the future of the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack is no more! Although it wouldn't have been a problem on high-end gaming PCs and the latest consoles, it probably was too heavy for portable mobile devices like the Nintendo Switch. Microsoft continues to invest in and augment Minecraft with spinoffs like the AR-focused Minecraft Earth. Mojang was not happy with it, so they scrapped it. Hopefully, there'll still be a way for some of these optimizations and enhancements to be integrated into the base version. Considering this pack was announced as a way to showcase the power of Scorpio (Xbox One X) and that it will now never see the light of day, to say it's disappointing, is a bit of an understatement.



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