'Highest-order heroes': The men who took down an alleged Sydney knifeman

Police at the scene

The suspect is believed to have killed another woman in an apartment building, before going on the rampage across the city centre.

Police have confirmed the 21-year-old Marayong man has a history of mental health issues. The audio's a little clearer on this one, in which the suspect shouts "Shoot me in the [expletive] head" and "I want to die".

O'Shaughnesy said he and his brother took off in hot pursuit, rushing down an escalator to chase the man.

In footage of the incident, he can be heard screaming, "shoot me in the head" and "Allahu Akbar".

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says the attack "is not now classed as a terrorist incident" and that the man "has no links to terrorism".

Officers are now searching the suspect's home near Blacktown in Sydney's west. "They were fearless and I can only use that word seriously", he told reporters.

The Marayong man was arrested this afternoon after he allegedly stabbed a 41-year-old at the Hotel CBD about 2pm and then tried to stab countless others as he wandered the streets.

"I ran outside and saw people grabbing poles and bats from a fire truck and started to chase [the man] up the street", an eyewitness told 10 daily.

Police said the woman was in stable condition and taken to a hospital.

Police said the man also attempted to carry out further stabbings and that there were "multiple crime scenes".

Courageous witnesses were able to tackle the man and pin his head down with a milk crate until police arrived and arrested him as hundreds of workers gathered.

Detective Superintendent Gavin Wood, of New South Wales Police, stated, "These people are heroes, and I want to acknowledge that".

The 21-year-old man, who police did not name, was carrying a knife and a computer thumb drive containing information about deadly attacks in North America and New Zealand, police said.

A group of people manage to subdue the suspect with a milk crate and several chairs before police arrived.

So we went down the escalator, ran out, and you could see all the public on this side of the road and we were like, 'Where is he?'

Witness Brodie Smith said on Twitter: "Saw the attacker drop his knife in the street on York St".

The man who approached the knifeman with a cafe chair.

The three friends, who all work at a recruitment agency in the city, helped tackle the man alongside an Australian colleague.

"He jumped on the roof of the auto behind us", he said.

Police and ambulance officers are at the scene.

An Uber driver said he saw people running away "and next thing I see this guy jumping over the auto, he went over the bonnet, and went on top of the car".

The woman's body was found after the man was arrested.



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