Facebook's mobile dark mode is getting closer

Facebook's mobile dark mode is getting closer

There's a good reason for this - they can look extremely clean, unobtrusive, and minimalistic, all the while giving ample room for vibrant colors to shine when and where they're needed. And since the mode is the highlight of this year's Android Q and iOS 13 OS versions, other apps and services are trying to push this new look more than ever.

You might be able to go dark in Facebook's main Android app in the near future. This is because we are at a very early stage of development.

Facebook rolled out Dark Mode for its Messenger app back in March this year, and now it's about to expand that to its main app for Android. Wong says Facebook has even reworked parts of the app to support this new dark mode.

Engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, known for reverse engineering apps to discover upcoming features in popular apps much before their actual release, recently found out a half-baked Dark mode in the Facebook app on Android.

As is the case with many new Facebook features, Dark Mode is likely going to go through internal testing before it sees a soft roll out to only a fraction of Facebook's user base. Wong notes that only portions of the app have been revamped with dark mode thus far, meaning that you'll often see mishaps like dark text on a dark background.



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