Chairman Stephen Ross defends Donald Trump: He is 'not a insane conservative'


The company declined to comment on Ross' decision to host a fundraiser for Trump, but said its promotion this weekend was meant to be a gesture of inclusiveness.

News of an upcoming fundraiser for President Donald Trump at the swanky Hamptons, New York, home of billionaire Stephen Ross drew swift backlash Wednesday from prominent customers of Ross's luxury fitness brands and a player on the Miami Dolphins, the National Football League franchise Ross owns. Tickets range in price from $5,600 to $250,000-or, roughly the cost of membership at Equinox.

Comedian Billy Eichner tweeted, "Hey @Equinox - what's your policy for canceling memberships once a member finds out your owner is enabling racism and mass murder?"

Equinox and SoulCycle posted statements on Instagram saying that neither supports the event and no company profits are used to fund politicians.

For many, however, these statements ring a bit thin.

She also pledged not to visit Hudson Yards, a neighborhood in Manhattan that was developed by Ross' company.

Ultimately, she said, it won't be enough to hurt Equinox or SoulCycle. Supporting this administration and the myriad of ways in which it undermines and endangers members of our communities is UNACCEPTABLE and if this fundraiser indeed does take place we will be looking for another gym to give our money to and we will be calling on our networks of LGBTQ and POC friends to do the same.

Apparently, hundreds of members of the health clubs for New York's elite have inundated the company with canceled memberships, and calls for boycotts and protests, multiple sources said. The ironic part is that Trump supported the gay community in his pre-presidential days and when he accepted the GOP nomination his speech specifically included his support of the gay population. He also owns the Miami Dolphins.

"We joined this gym because we believed it shared our values".

However, now that people know Ross and Trump are pals they believe the gym's image is fake. Some of those brands sought to distance themselves from the event or urged Ross to reconsider his support for Trump. But in a statement, Ross said he has known Trump for 40 years and that he has "never been bashful about expressing" opinions with him.



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