Brexit: Court Begins Legal Bid To Prevent Boris Johnson's Government Shutdown

EU's Juncker tells Britain no-deal Brexit will hurt you the most

Mr Johnson has vowed Britain will leave on Halloween, with or without a deal.

"The President expressed his appreciation for the United Kingdom's steadfast partnership in addressing global challenges and looks forward to meeting with him personally in the near future", the statement said.

It comes as No 10 pinpoints Monday 9 September as the critical day for a legislative battle with the cross-party campaign to block a no-deal departure.

It appears to confirm that Corbyn will table a motion of no confidence in the Government nearly immediately after the summer recess.

Nicola Sturgeon has said she is happy to join an all-women emergency cabinet, after Caroline Lucas proposed the idea.

The move, expected to take effect in a matter of days, comes after Boris Johnson said he would "unshackle" British officials from European Union affairs in his first statement in the House of Commons as prime minister.

But more than 70 MPs and peers have launched a legal bid, asking that the Court of Session in Edinburgh rules it "unlawful and unconstitutional" to prorogue, or suspend, Parliament as an attempt to stop MPs blocking a no-deal Brexit.

He later tweeted: "I had a great meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday". Describing Lucas as "a fantastic MP", the SNP leader added: "I'm more than happy to band together with a bunch of other women".

On Monday, U.S. national security adviser John Bolton said the United States would enthusiastically support a no-deal Brexit if that was the British government's decision and Washington was ready to work fast on a U.S. -UK trade agreement.

In her first public comments since deciding to serve under Mr Johnson, the cabinet minister said: "A no-deal Brexit is definitely going to be a challenge for the economy, which is why the government is putting together so much preparation should it come to that".

"Boris Johnson has no mandate as a Prime Minister but the Government has no mandate for a No Deal Brexit either so we need to stop that risky plan in its tracks".

May tried multiple times, unsuccessfully, to pass an EU-approved exit deal.

"We're very clearly focused as a government that we want to get a deal".

Trump believes that "when it comes to trade negotiations the European Union is worse than China, only smaller", the official said.

Ms Swinson also said she was "not surprised" the prime minister took nearly a week to contact Mr Varadkar after he was appointed.



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