$500K in property stolen from A-Rod's vehicle

Alex Rodriguez's rental car was robbed in San Francisco this weekend as he called a Sunday Night Baseball game between the Giants and Phillies

In town broadcasting a Giants-Phillies game, Rodriguez elected to park his vehicle on the 400 block of Brannan Street, about three blocks away from Oracle Park.

Alex was robbed while he was filming for ESPN during a Giants-Phillies baseball game in San Francisco. The items were stolen from an SUV that ESPN had rented for Rodriguez and the production crew.

"It's an unfortunate situation", an ESPN spokesman told The Washington Post. The auto was parked roughly three blocks from Oracle Park, and the culprit made off with an estimated $500,000 in items including a laptop, camera and jewelry. Analyst Jessica Mendoza missed Sunday's game after being involved in a auto crash on Friday near her home in Oregon.

Per the report, someone allegedly broke into his auto between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. that night - at least five hours after the first pitch had been thrown.

ESPN said it was working with local authorities.

According to the Chronicle, teams of investigators were in the process of collecting evidence from the vehicle, and have made the case a "high priority".

The former slugger, who retired from the Yankees in 2016 after a steroid scandal scared his career two years prior, was brought on by ESPN to provide color commentary for Sunday night baseball last year.

But numerous sources told The Chronicle the victim was Rodriguez and the thieves pilfered roughly $500,000 worth of goods.



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