Operation to retrieve bodies from Nanda Devi was among toughest ITBP

The operation to recover the bodies at an altitude of 6,100 metres was extremely challenging for rescuers

Seven of the eight bodies were recovered in June.

Sydney mountaineer Ruth McCance was among the climbers whose bodies were retrieved during aerial missions in early July.

The neighborhood started their ascent on 13 Might perhaps well perhaps also simply, led by experienced British mountain recordsdata Martin Moran whose Scotland-essentially based company, Moran Mountain, has flee numerous expeditions within the Indian Himalayas.

The camera with the footage was found buried in snow near the area where the bodies were eventually recovered in June, media reports said.

The clip from the Indo-Tibetan Border police posted to Twitter shows the group of eight climbers - which included four Britons, two Americans, an Australian and an Indian liaison officer - ascending in clear weather.

"Suddenly, we noticed a loud noise", he said. Then, in a heart-dropping moment, the screen goes blank.

The footage, recorded by a GoPro mounted on a climber's helmet, shows the eight climbers connected by rope as they made their way across a mountain ridge blanketed in snow.

On June 3, a military helicopter spotted the bodies and climbing equipment in the snow but several attempts to airlift the bodies away were aborted due to fierce winds and the hard terrain.

'It was mesmerising for us to see the footage, ' said A.P.S. Nambadia, the border police inspector general who planned the operation to retrieve the bodies. They took great care in removing them and bringing them down the mountain, preserving them in the snow overnight to stave off decomposition.

The eight-member global mountaineering team went missing during an expedition on Nanda Devi East after they were hit by an avalanche in late May.

In this very hard search operation in high Himalayas, the ITBP team retrieved seven dead bodies on 23/06/2019.

Nanda Devi East is considered one of the world's toughest mountains to climbs.

The clip is now being outmoded to abet "analyse what went ugly with their mission".

A poignant video of the tragic Himalayan climbing expedition, with a Highland leader, has been released by the Indian authorities.



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