Effect of body image on mental health to be examined

Suzie Karsnia

It will include members from youth, third sector and equalities groups.

YouGov surveyed 4,505 people aged 18-plus in the United Kingdom, including 104 here.

"We have a very large population of people that are looking for mental health services", Carole Flinn from the Oneida County Department of Mental Health said.

Responding to the figures, Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind, said: "With mental health problems so common among employees, it's important that every workplace - no matter the size - makes staff wellbeing a priority".

A recent survey found that 42% of employees feel comfortable to talk about physical conditions, but when it comes to common mental health issues, it's another story, with only 14% happy to talk about them with their colleagues.

"Thankfully, mental health at work is becoming a key priority for many organisations". One in five of all United Kingdom adults and 46% of 18-24-year-olds said images on social media had caused them to worry about their body image.

"The majority of workers have felt stressed or anxious about work over the past year."

She said: "The impact social media can have on a person is extreme".

Studies have been widely contradictory in their findings around social media and poor mental health in recent years, with a number claiming social media isn't linked to poor mental health.

Mental Health Foundation chief executive Mark Rowland said: "Our survey indicates that many people in Northern Ireland are struggling with concerns about their body image". It doesn't take much digging on the popular app to find influencer promotions for detox teas, diet pills, appetite suppressing lollies, and similar products.

The survey also found large numbers of men can be affected, with a quarter of United Kingdom adult men saying they have felt depressed because of concerns about their body image.

Julie Cameron, Head of Programmes at MHF Scotland welcomed the new National Advisory Group on Healthy Body.

New data about the impact of body image on young people's mental health will be published by MHF later this week. Our report and survey uncovered evidence that both social media and online advertising are contributing to mental health problems for thousands of people across Scotland.

She added: "Social media continues to present a multitude of dangers for young people which they have been left to navigate on their own devices".

The school has thirteen staff trained in mental health first aid, in addition to a Guidance and Advice Support Service (GASS) providing students with non-referral access to a student welfare officer.

The charity is now lobbying for peer-led mental health programmes to be introduced in schools.



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