Amazon aims to take people to moon by 2024

Jeff Bezos Unveils Moon Lander Mockup Embraces Trump's Lunar Timetable

Bezos unveiled the lander alongside a new rocket engine at a press event in Washington, DC, today.

The craft will 'enable a sustained human presence on the moon, ' the company said. Musk started SpaceX in 2002. When one of its rockets crashed during a test flight in 2011, a week passed before Bezos acknowledged the failure.

Blue Origin aims to reduce operational costs by using reusable rockets that land vertically on the ground. In a ballroom at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. bedecked in illuminated wall coverings to simulate the night sky, Bezos stood in front of a huge blue curtain decorated with a feather and expounded upon his vision for the future of humanity.

Bezos noted that he had studied and thought about rockets since he was 5 years old. Jeff's big unveil comes as the government is making an aggressive push to kick start a return to space travel. "I won a lottery ticket called". Around this time, last year, the world's richest man discussed his hopes for space travel at the Space Development Conference in L.A., where she said, "In the not-too-distant future - I am talking decades, maybe 100 years it will start to be easier to do a lot of the things that we now do on Earth in space, because we will have so much energy". Bezos will retain control of Blue Origin after his divorce this year. That spacecraft is created to take space tourists on short hops into space, where passengers will experience just a few minutes of weightlessness before New Shepard's passenger capsule returns to Earth's surface.

While a $30 million prize for private companies to send robotic probes to the moon went unclaimed previous year, one of the competitors, from an Israeli private nonprofit, crashed last month as it tried to land.

The lander builds upon technology the firm has been testing over the past few years in its New Shepard rocket, including propulsion and precision guidance, as well as the vertical landing system. Here you can see two small satellites being ejected into space. There is mention of an even larger rocket, New Armstrong, but no details have been released. "It's time to go back to the moon, this time to stay".

Blue Moon will weigh 33,000 kilos when loaded with gasoline on derive-off from Earth, which is in a space to decrease to about 7,000 kilos when it is about to land on the Moon.

A low-priced approach to landing on the moon is risky; SpaceIL, an Israeli nonprofit, attempted to land on the moon in April, but crashed. NASA put the individuals on the moon in the Apollo program, starting with Apollo 11.

NASA's current plan is to use its own Space Launch System and Orion capsule to send astronauts to a Gateway in lunar orbit.

Last year, SpaceX announced that a Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, had signed up for a trip that would go past the moon without landing on it, and swing back to Earth. But, at least under the reading of some lawyers, companies can sell what they take from the moon.



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