WhatsApp’s upcoming feature will let you ignore your archived chats…for good

WhatsApp ‘Archived Chats’ Relocated ‘Ignore Archived Chats’ Feature Spotted Testing

The second update coming to archived chats is "Vacation Mode", a feature introduced last October.

WhatsApp keeps on bringing new changes and features to remain in the limelight. While the "Vacation Mode" feature is yet to arrive, it has again been spotted in testing in the latest Android beta build of WhatsApp under the name "Ignore archived chats". Now, WhatsApp seems to be planning to add this feature.

That aside, there will also be a new Archived cell that shows all the chats that have been archived.

With that being said, the brand-new "Ignore archived chats" feature is going to make it much easier for people who leave on vacation and want to ignore all their chats.

Although the feature doesn't come enabled in the latest beta update, we can expect it to roll out soon.

As of now, archived chats can still resurface when there's a new message, which automatically unarchive it.

Additionally, WhatsApp will also add a new Archived cell in the main Chats window, that will appear when you slide down the chats list. And, finally WhatsApp is looking testing the feature on the beta version.

"Ignore Archived Chats" will be available in the notifications menu of WhatsApp.

The new feature that was earlier dubbed as Vacation mode will mute new messages from Archived Chats. There could be a possibility that you might not witness this feature as it is still under development phase. We already know this feature had been in pipeline for more than a year now. With this feature, the users will not be notified about the new messages and the regular messages will be not disrupted either.



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