United Kingdom govt to continue to plan for no-deal Brexit

Above An anti Brexit protester outside the Houses of Parliament in London on March 4. Left An anti Brexit protester taking part in a demonstration in Brussels Belgium last Wednesday

He said the extension will give Britain extra time to ratify Prime Minister Theresa May's withdrawal agreement, or to rethink Brexit, if it so chooses.

'Prolong the indecision'Guy Verhofstadt criticised the extension of the Brexit date until October.

'And that both parties, the Conservatives and Labour, will again do what they did for months - run down the clock.

He told the European Parliament: "The proof of this was that the first thing that after last week's decision was to go on holidays". "However, this is not an excuse to say, 'let's get it over with, ' just because we're exhausted".

The British government will resume talks with the main opposition Labour party this week on how to resolve the deadlock over Brexit, a senior minister, David Lidington, said on Sunday.

'If that happens, the Brexit Party won't win the European elections but it will win the general election because the betrayal will be so complete and utter, so I don't believe it's going to happen'.

"We should approach this seriously, as UK Members of the European Parliament will be there for several months, maybe longer".

"They will be full members of the Parliament with all the rights and obligations". I also can not agreed to accept a second category of membership.

"No, it can not. Therefore, I also ask you to reject similar ideas, if they were to be voiced in this House".

"I would like to express my hope that any negative impact of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union will be minimized on Japanese corporations and on the world economy", Abe said. "I fear most of all that it will import the Brexit mess into the EU".

Donald Tusk, the council president, said the extension until October 31 meant the United Kingdom was likely to hold European elections next month.

"On the matter of Brexit, as you know we are very determined to avoid a no-deal outcome because we recognize that Japan has many investments, employing hundreds of thousands of people in the UK", Hunt said.

"At this rather hard moment in our history, we need dreamers and dreams".

"There has to be access to European markets and above all there has to be a dynamic relationship to protect the conditions and rights that we've got for environment and consumer workplace rights", Corbyn said according to the Guardian.



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