United Kingdom government to resume cross-party Brexit talks next week

Second Brexit referendum vote could happen, says Hammond

The Brexit party launched at the beginning of the year, consisting of nine Members of the European Parliament - all former UKIP members. "The time to change this is now", he said.

"What we have found in terms of objectives... there is fair bit that both parties would have in common", he said.

A total of 17 Labour MEPs have publicly supported the People's Vote - even though most represent Leave-supporting constituencies.

The threat of a boycott by activists will raise further doubts about the ability of the cash-strapped Tories to compete against Ukip and Nigel Farage's new Brexit Party.

Despite being handed an extension of EU membership until October 31, May is hoping to pass a withdrawal agreement and lead Britain out of the bloc before May 23 to avoid taking part in elections for the European Parliament. The Prime Minister failed to get her Withdrawal Agreement through the House of Commons on three separate occasions and has also now requested two separate delays to Britain's exit date from the European Union, with the most recent extension set to last until October 31st unless a deal can be agreed before then.

Lord Spicer and Lord Hamilton of Epsom, wrote in the Sunday Telegraph: "Conservative MPs are responsible for their party".

Asked by the BBC what would happen if the two parties failed to reach a compromise, Lidington said: "As government we've always made it clear that while we'll do our best to try to reach a compromise with the main opp party. if that doesn't work then what we'll want to move towards is to put before parliament a set of options with a system for making a choice, and parliament actually having to come to a preferred option rather than voting against everything". 'Now, as I look at the conduct of the Prime Minister, I will find it very hard to do that again'.

He said the United Kingdom "simply can not fight the Euro elections" which it will be forced to participate in if a Brexit deal has not been passed.

He added: "I am a little bit anxious that the European Union in future will be determining trade deals and we won't really have a say".

The Government has said attempts to find a Brexit compromise with Labour will continue during Parliament's Easter recess, despite no sign of movement on either side's "red lines".

The MP for Chingford and Woodford Green warned against his party embracing Labour's Brexit policy, saying he had "real concerns with some of my colleagues going out lauding Jeremy Corbyn".

Duncan Smith has now requested that she stands down in May and described talks with Labour as a "recipe for disaster".



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