Trudeau says he 'looks forward' to working with next Alberta premier

Almost 700,000 votes have already been cast in advance polls

In an often belligerent campaign, Kenney promised to stand up for Albertans against Trudeau and other politicians he said were taking the province and its oil and gas for granted.

Alberta's return to a conservative government induced gleeful celebrations among the right in Calgary Tuesday night, chants of "UCP! UCP!"

"Not many people who are in the energy industry can say Alberta is in a better place than it was four years ago", said Tim Pickering, president of Auspice Capital Advisers in Calgary, which manages a Canadian crude exchange-traded fund.

He says that will change.

Later Tuesday, Kenney was scheduled to make appearances in Red Deer, Alta., and Calgary.

Notley said she had congratulated Kenney and "assured him that we will do everything that we can to ensure the transition to a new government is smooth and productive".

The Liberals, which had a single seat in the legislature before the election call, was eliminated from the standings and garnered just 1 per cent of the popular vote.

On the margins of the campaign were the centrist Alberta and Liberal parties. Todd Loewen and Dan Williams victories in Central Peace-Notley and Peace River respectively made it a clean sweep for the UCP in Peace Country.

The right-leaning United Conservative Party (UCP) has taken power in the oil-rich Canadian province of Alberta, routing the left-leaning NDP.

NDP candidate Lorne Dach beat Mandel, who came in third.

He was named minister of health in the Progressive Conservative government of Jim Prentice in September 2014 despite not holding a seat.

The biggest cheer of all, however, was reserved for party leader Jason Kenney.

The 73-year-old served as mayor of Edmonton for three straight terms.

"I think moving forward though, the policies of Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party are much more with the mainstream than the NDP".

She becomes the opposition leader and holds onto the Edmonton-Strathcona riding.

The UCP were leading in rural ridings throughout the province and in some Calgary constituencies. He has even vowed a legal challenge of the tax if elected.

He said at the time it was crucial to unite the right-of-centre parties so as to avoid a vote split and to defeat the NDP government.

The UCP, formed two years ago by a merger of the Progressive Conservative and Wildrose parties, held its rural and Calgary seats and took back numerous breakthrough NDP wins in those regions in 2015.

This time around, the Progressive Conservatives are no more.

The province of Alberta has seen an election full of personal attacks.

Nearly 700,000 people voted early in malls, airports, recreation centres, public buildings and an Ikea store.



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