Tiger Woods's Masters win delivers high ratings for CBS

Tiger Woods's Masters win delivers high ratings for CBS

Placed at odds of 14-1, the unidentified punter was the recipient of just under £1 million following Woods' first major triumph since 2008.

It was the largest payout on a golf ticket in the history of William Hill U.S. and the fourth time overall that the sportsbook at the SLS has paid out a seven-figure win.

Ominously, Bogdanovich also remarked: "If Tiger wins we will obviously get toasted".

Colin says Tiger has amazingly established this unique ability to be beloved by the American public even though he's lived a life that would normally incite quite the opposite reaction.

"Nobody wants their record to be broken, but I certainly wouldn't want Tiger to be hurt and not able to do it", Nicklaus told Golf Channel. "Hopefully, we will get some new golf bettors out of it".

Tiger Woods' return to major championship glory was cheered by the golf masses, but the folks accepting wagers on the Masters have had better days. DraftKings actually goosed things again on Sunday, when Woods fell several shots back, raising his odds to 15-1.

Woods, however, preferred to savour his fifth Green Jacket.

"Tiger winning is good for the sport and good for our customers", said FanDuel's Mike Raffensperger.

"It really is a comeback story that I think rivals anything that's ever been written", he said. "Knowing all you have been through physically to come back and do what you just did today?"

A decade after a marital dispute with his then-wife led to a crushing fall from grace for the golfer ー which was then compounded by years of injuries, surgeries and a public battle with substance abuse ー Woods claimed his first major championship in 11 years, and the 15th of his career. The first three all came when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII past year.

It could have been much worse for BetStars, but the firm settled on limiting bets on Woods to $10 at promotional odds of 100-1, as opposed to one executive's suggestion of a $100 limit.

"OK guys, I'm so serious", Williams tweeted. He said he had a feeling Woods would win because his children were watching.



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