South Korean president hopes for 4th summit with North Korea

The brazen killing of Kim Jong Nam with a toxic nerve agent at Kuala Lumpur's international airport in broad daylight shocked the world

US President Donald Trump on Saturday backed a possible third summit with North Korea, after Kim Jong Un said he would be willing to meet his American counterpart if Washington comes to the table with the "right attitude".

North Korea has held a series of sports and cultural events over the last few days. According to the agency, the Russia-North Korea summit is likely to be held in the Far Eastern city of Vladivostok.

The warning comes after Kim Jong-Un said he would only agree to further talks at a third summit if the US has the "right attitude".

Kim blamed the collapse of his second summit with Trump on what he described as Washington's unilateral demands. "President Trump also expressed his sympathy for the need of an inter-Korean summit and expressed expectations", Moon said. He said that the United States had continue its "hostile policy" contrary to the spirit of that agreement. "We agreed that the top-down method based on will and trust among the leaders of the two Koreas and the United States are crucial in the peace process for the Korean Peninsula", Moon said.

With Kim urging the United States in the speech to change its tough stance in nuclear talks by the end of this year, political slogans in public spaces made no mention of the country's ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs.

The U.S. president responded to Kim's statement on Twitter.

Moon's office did not provide a timeline on when his fourth summit with Kim might take place. The promise was not kept.

It's hard for Moon to make further progress on inter-Korean engagement without some level of sanctions relief, which Washington says won't come until unless Kim commits to verifiably relinquishing his nuclear facilities, weapons and missiles.

Moon says he's ready for a fourth summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to help salvage faltering nuclear negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang.

Kim, who recently pledged to build a "powerful socialist economy", asked the United States to ease economic sanctions, arguing it has already started to implement concrete measures toward denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

"Moon's message that he will sit with Kim anytime has various meanings", a Blue House official told the JoongAng Ilbo.

"I look forward to the day, which could be soon, when Nuclear Weapons and Sanctions can be removed, and then watching North Korea become one of the most successful nations of the World", Trump added.

President Moon Jae-in may disclose details of the possibility of sending a special envoy to Pyongyang.



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