Parents in New York City Are Throwing Measles Parties

Measles epidemic spreads to Westchester — 8 unvaccinated kids contract disease

The city's health department is doubling down on its earlier order that yeshivas and daycare programs in Williamsburg be sanctioned if they failed to exclude unvaccinated students. In fact, a study from The Atlantic states that about 92% of the population should be vaccinated for most diseases, and around 95% for highly contagious ones such as measles. The cause is not being helped by anti-vaxxers, with around 1,800 children believed to be unvaccinated.

New York's mayor declared a public health emergency in parts of Brooklyn on Tuesday, ordering all residents to be vaccinated to fight a measles outbreak concentrated in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Two additional cases were confirmed in Sullivan County.

When parents choose not to vaccinate their children, they endanger not only their own child, but also the entire society which surrounds them. Complications can include hearing loss, pneumonia, swelling of the brain and death. Over the years, these vaccines have saved many lives, while causing few to no side effects.

"This is a country that has an interesting relationship with religion - the country was founded by people seeking some kind of religious liberties", Siepser said. But they said they were taking additional steps to control the outbreak in advance of Passover, when some families may travel overseas to areas in Israel or Europe that are experiencing measles outbreaks.

"That is the defining experience which is what it may take to break through with those who are not vaccinating their children", he added.

McCarthy had a massive platform at the time of her son's heart-rending diagnosis for autism, so when she correlated that diagnosis with "dangerous chemicals" in vaccines, panic among parents ensued.

And we ask given continued fears in some communities around vaccines despite years of overwhelming scientific consensus about their safety, do we need to change how we talk about vaccines? He said the city would issue violations and possibly fines of $1,000 to those who did not comply. "I'm not even sure that people know about it", Robert Krakow, a New York personal injury lawyer and prominent anti-vaccine advocate, told The New York Post about the city's emergency order. "Get the MMR. It's not harmful to receive additional doses of this vaccine".

His decision and comments came after the city has been trying for months to disseminate information through various channels to get people to get vaccinations for themselves and their children.

In a Twitter post, Mayor de Blasio emphasized that "vaccines are safe and effective-and that they work". People without immunity can catch measles just by being in a room for up to two hours after a person with measles has left.

"It is not the authority of the general government, county executive or legislators to make those declarations, and I think that is as it should be", Latimer said. It is so easy to forget how powerful vaccines are when you have never seen another suffer from debilitating or deadly diseases, like smallpox or polio.

At a time when Rockland County is attempting to get a grip on the measles epidemic and efforts to convince unvaccinated residents to get the MMR shots, new cases of the virus have been confirmed in adjacent counties.



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