Lawyer: Challenge to NYC’s vaccination order in the works

The new cases were reported a day after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced mandatory MMR vaccinations for everyone living in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood - in one of the toughest measures against an outbreak in United States history. He also said schools in certain areas that permitted attendance by unvaccinated students could be fined or temporarily closed.

At a time when Rockland County is attempting to get a grip on the measles epidemic and efforts to convince unvaccinated residents to get the MMR shots, new cases of the virus have been confirmed in adjacent counties.

"This is the epicenter of a measles outbreak that is very, very troubling and must be dealt with immediately", de Blasio said at a news conference on Tuesday in Williamsburg.

David R. Curry, executive director of the Center for Vaccine Ethics and Policy, told China Daily: "Once your child is exposed and has measles, there is no better convincing argument to parents who may be questioning whether vaccinations work than when they have to come to grips with the fact that their child, because they were unvaccinated, suddenly has a potentially risky disease".

The health officials will try to persuade any unvaccinated person who has been exposed to measles to get the vaccine. "And for decades that vaccine policy has been largely effective". Though measles was declared eliminated in the 2000, the number of cases has risen over the years since 2010, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This outbreak has the second greatest number of infected individuals since measles was eradicated in the country in the 2000s. But a judge last week overturned it, saying it's not yet a clear emergency.

"I don't expect that people are running out [to get vaccinated]". In Williamsburg, where there have been 285 cases since September, health authorities have ordered mandatory vaccines. He said that most things that happen in Jewish communities get blown out of proportion, "If it [the outbreak] was true, there would be signs outside every synagogue telling people not to go in, and there aren't".

"'If we catch people early enough, we can give them medication", Kiernan said.

Last week, Ireland's Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) said in a statement regarding Dublin's recent measles outbreak: "Measles is a serious illness and is highly infectious".

Some of the Westchester patients fell sick after visiting Brooklyn, where there is an outbreak of more than 250 cases. She said that she believes vaccination is the right choice, though she knows families who said their children developed autism after being vaccinated. Many studies have proven vaccines do not cause autism, and the majority of rabbis say vaccinations are healthy and kosher.



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