Israeli Team Evaluates the Reason Behind the Crash of Spacecraft

ISRAEL HOPES the Beresheet project will showcase the country’s achievements

Head of IAI's space division, Head of IAI's space division, Ofer Doron, SpaceIL CEO Dr. Ido Anteby, president of the non-profit organization SpaceIL Morris Kahn, Space IL founder Kfir Damari, SpaceIL founder Yariv Bash, and Aviad Shmaryahu of the Israel Space Agency.

Its origins lie in the Google Lunar XPrize, an worldwide challenge offering $20m for the first privately developed spacecraft to land on the Moon.

It had been hoped that the small robotic spacecraft, built by the nonprofit SpaceIL and state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, would match a feat that has been achieved only by U.S., Russian Federation and China.

On Saturday, SpaceIL tweeted a video of Kahn announcing Beresheet 2.

The Israeli team behind last week's unsuccessful attempt to land a scientific research craft on the surface of the moon has said is lining up to have another crack. Furthermore, even if the team was unable to land perfectly on the moon, they still achieved Beresheet's main goals of advancing Israel's space program and generating young children's interest in science, engineering, technology, and math. Despite this disappointing incident, the team behind the Beresheet mission will try again, so Israel can be the fourth nation to accomplish a soft touchdown on the moon's surface, reported.

Backers of SpaceIL, the private venture behind the Beresheet craft, said this week that they would fund Beresheet 2.

Fifth, SpaceIL will be awarded a $1 million prize for its achievements.

Although the Google prize expired in March without a victor, Israel's team pledged to push forward. "It's been an incredible journey, I hope we get a chance for another one". "NASA will continue to explore with worldwide and commercial partners!" he said.

"Condolences to the Beresheet lander @TeamSpaceIL for what nearly was! Never lose hope - your hard work, teamwork, and innovation is inspiring to all!" he wrote on Twitter.

SpaceIL's Beresheet lander seflie during its landing attempt.

Aldrin, an Apollo astronaut who together with Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, sent his condolences to the SpaceIL team "for what nearly was", adding: "Never lose hope. It's incredibly rewarding and empowering to know that so many people around the world got inspired by our journey", SpaceIL wrote.



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