Huge Xbox Sale Begins, 500+ Games And DLC Discounted

Ten days to ponder whether Fallout 76 is worth a console discount. Hmm

The sale not only gives customers heavy discounts on AAA games and indies alike, but there are even discounts on Xbox consoles, and Xbox Live Gold members can save even more money. The best deal among it is a drastic price reduction for a three-month Xbox Game Pass subscription, which now sits at only $1.

Microsoft is already using Xbox Live notifications to notify Xbox gamers about new Xbox Game Pass releases or share other Xbox-related news.

The Microsoft Spring Sale is offering various discounts on hundreds of Xbox games, including both Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. There's also a $1 Apex Legends deal and discount on Xbox Design Lab, among other things.

Xbox Live Gold members can also bag an additional 10% off, while there are also offers on Xbox Game Pass, including a 3-month subscription for just a buck/quid.

The Spring Sale or the Easter sale offers discounts up to 65% on more than 500 Xbox One and Xbox 360 digital games and extra content.

The full collection of deals can be found through the Microsoft Store.

Also, the Spring Sale ends on April 22, so be sure to grab these titles while you can.

Sure majority will be stuff you have no interest in, but you can try all these games and decide if you like them for only a buck.



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