Extinction Rebellion Climate Protests In London


At least, Waterloo Bridge was unwittingly pedestrianised.

Extinction Rebellion campaigners were ordered by the Met to confine their protest to Marble Arch after causing widespread disruption on Monday.

Last November, Extinction Rebellion forced Westminster, Lambeth, Waterloo, Blackfriars and Southwark Bridges in London to close, issuing a statement that read, "Extinction Rebellion demands that the United Kingdom government immediately tells the truth and declares a climate and ecological emergency, that it reverses inconsistent policies and reduces to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, and creates a citizen's assembly to oversee these changes". "What's awesome about this is for 30 years you have just had that closing up of public space - "you can't do this, you can't do that, you've got to finish then".

Speaking at a meditation on the eve of the protests, Dr Williams said humans had declared war on nature. "We are here tonight to declare that we do not wish to be at war".

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion said: "Ordinary citizens, terrified by the threat we all face to our future, will risk arrest and imprisonment by blocking bridges, roads, harbours and transport systems".

What are the group's demands?

"Make no mistake, people are already dying", the letter states.

Extinction Rebellion wrote to Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday outlining their demands and asking for face-to-face talks, warning that they will escalate their disruptive actions over the coming weeks unless the government acts. "In the majority world, indigenous communities are now on the brink of extinction. We must act now".

The protesters made traffic impassable over Waterloo Bridge by "planting" trees in pots along the road, creating a de facto garden bridge.

Last night police imposed conditions on the protesters, restricting them to gathering in the area around Marble Arch.

Extinction Rebellion said: "The global rebellion begins and Extinction Rebellion will be bringing London to a standstill for up to two weeks".



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