Dog rescued while paddling 135 miles off Thailand

Oil rig workers who rescued the stranded dog

They said he swam towards them and they managed to put a rope around him to pull him to safety, one of the workers said on Facebook.

Vitisak Payaslaw, an offshore planner for Chevron Thailand Exploration & Production told NPR that the dog swam toward the rig's platform and clung to it while the crew tried to figure out how to save the animal. She has now been named "Boonrod" which in Thai means "making a spiritual donation for good luck in the future". "When we first took her on board, she was depressed and exhausted from being in the water for a long time", Khon Vitisak, another one of the oil rig workers, told multiple news sources. They were racing against time, he said, because the seas were becoming rougher. Vitisak said they speculated the dog might have fallen off a fishing trawler, and dubbed it Boon Rod, or Survivor.

He thanked everyone involved in the rescue operation, and said Boonrod would be taken to an animal clinic in Songkhla for further care.

Boonrod appeared to be steadily growing stronger, after eating and napping.

A THAI animal rescue group welcomed a dog who was rescued almost 220km from shore Monday (April 15).

The dog was picked up by an oil rig crew after being rescued in the Gulf of Thailand more than 220 kilometers from shore. Mr Payalaw wrote about the rescue in a now-viral Facebook post, sharing pictures of Boonrod.

The dog was later shown receiving a bath, playing with admirers and eating treats. Thankfully for Boonrod, the sea waves were calm then, which made it possible for rig workers to spot the dog among the rig's metal bars.



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