Amazon set to launch ad-supported free Music Unlimited tier

Amazon set to launch ad-supported free Music Unlimited tier

According to a set of new reports, Amazon will soon be launching a free variant of its music service in hope to steal some clients from Spotify.

Shares of the streaming-music service Spotify fell almost 4% early Monday after it was reported that Amazon was looking to launch a free music service that could arrive as early as next week.

This new service, if it actually appears, would in theory be more convenient than those options - at least for the casual music listener who only wants to hear a couple of the latest hits every now and again.

"Sources familiar with the plan" reportedly told the publication that the free service would offer users a limited catalogue of songs (like Amazon Prime Music, then?), and could be available as early as next week. While that price point is not any different from the monthly fees charged by Spotify and Apple for their industry-leading products, Amazon Music Unlimited access costs $7.99 for Prime members and $3.99 for Echo-only listening. The service will largely be marketed through the Echo line of speakers, and will give buyers of the Echo series a value-addition and the ability to stream music on the speaker without having to first sign-up and pay for a service.

Though consumers have a vast number of paid streaming services to choose from, large, popular free options remain relatively scarce. Right out of the box users would be able to start playing music without making any payments or signing up for another service.



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