Watch Footage Of Conor McGregor Breaking Fan's Mobile Phone

Conor McGregor

When news broke on Monday that UFC superstar Conor McGregor was once again trouble with the law, it was clearly at a shock to no one.

McGregor is still now in the United States doing work on behalf of his Proper No. 12 Irish whiskey with his next court date for the felony charges in his arrest due on April 10.

As per TMZ, the Irishman was walking out of Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach at around 5am on Monday when a fan, who had been in LIV club where McGregor is thought to have been, started taking pictures of the 30-year old. Now, a video of the incident has surfaced.

Video of part of the incident was captured and released by TMZ on Thursday.

McGregor was recently released from jail after being arrested and charged with robbery and criminal damage in Miami.

In the video, you can hear Abdirzak begging McGregor, saying "Let me get my phone, man".

Ahmed Abdirzk, the alleged victim, told TMZ on Wednesday that the whole kerfuffle started when he saw McGregor while waiting for his vehicle at the nightclub valet station.

This is not the first time that McGregor has been wrapped up in controversy.

McGregor led the attack on the bus in an attempt to go after Khabib Nurmagomedov but in the process he threw a moving dolly that shattered a window and hurt both Chiesa and Ray Borg, forcing them out of their scheduled fights a few days later. He later settled and, in fact, just completed his community service from the incident.

He was also involved in an altercation with Khabib's team after the two fought at UFC 229, to which he is now serving a six-month suspension for.

McGregor is expected back in court on April 10.



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