Rep. Adam Schiff: ‘It’s a mistake’ for Mueller not to subpoena Trump

Just When We Thought The Mueller Probe Might End This Wrench Is Thrown At Us

Sources say President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen met with Rep. Adam Schiff's team for more than 10 hours before his testimony on Capitol Hill; reaction from Rep. Jim Jordan, Republican member of the House Oversight Committee.

Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has said he wouldn't let the president be interviewed by Mueller because the special counsel would set a perjury trap.

"Well, if there's insufficient evidence in the Mueller report and we're not able to produce sufficient evidence in our own investigation, that ends the inquiry", Schiff explained. "There may be grounds for removal from office or there may be grounds for indictment after he leaves office that the Congress discovers".

'If the Justice Department the position that you can not indict a sitting president, when the president is no longer sitting then I think it has to consider whether it should hold a former president to a different standard than it holds everyone else, ' Schiff said - making sure to state that the decision should be in the hands of career prosecutors based on the evidence they gather.

The head of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee said on Sunday the panel would seek documents from more than 60 people and entities as part of a probe into possible obstruction of justice and abuse of power by President Donald Trump.

"One of the issues that we are looking at, which the Mueller report may not cover, is whether the Russians were laundering money for the Trump Organization".

Schiff also spoke about impeachment the day after Pelosi said it was "not worth" impeaching Trump.

Despite Pelosi's stated opinion, several Democratic representative have voiced plans to push forward with the impeachment process. "After all, he has said, 'It's not like I'm talking before a magistrate.' Well, maybe he should talk before a magistrate".

"I think the country is worth it".

A party-line vote resulting in impeachment charges from the House would not be enough to remove Trump from office after a Senate trial. "It means we're beginning the process to look at some of these alleged claims of impeachable offenses".

"I greatly appreciate Nancy Pelosi's statement against impeachment, but everyone must remember the minor fact that I never did anything wrong", he wrote.



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