Ninja allegedly paid $1 million to stream Apex Legends for a day

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According to a report from Reuters, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins was paid $1 million by EA to tweet and stream Apex Legends during its launch on the morning of February 4, 2019.

Ninja, who appeared on the cover of ESPN magazine last September, made almost $10 million previous year, and told CNN he makes over $500,000 on a "good month". He has more than 13 million followers on Twitch.

For its part, EA isn't denying it paid streamers to promote the new battle royale game; it isn't going as far to confirming just how much was paid though. I'd personally stream practically anything on Twitch for a fraction of that. Those people, who requested anonymity because they were not authorised to speak about the deal, asked that we not name the event.

It seems like the gaming client for PC had a bit of a bug where it displayed the promo for Apex Legends Battle Pass for Season 1 ahead of time.

Many things have been gedatamined since the release of Apex Legends and are buzzing around the internet.

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The rep also pointed to a disclosure policy streamers like Ninja were required to adhere to.

It does not go into how often streamers are required to disclose sponsored content or what exactly proper disclosure entails, nor how prominent placement of said disclosure needs to be.

Respawn have yet to comment on the matter, and their most recent statement clarified the confusion caused by the "unintentional update about Season 1". As a result, we can't really blame the developers for being cautious. "After midday Tuesday, Feb. 5, all Apex Legends streaming content has been organic". With the game being out for less than 2 months, it has managed to achieve a player count of over 50 million players which is another big achievement for the team.

But there is still no telling what day the Apex Battle Pass will drop for players to buy. Either way, EA is sure to have no regrets in its decisions.



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