New ‘Orphan Black’ Series In Works At AMC

New ‘Orphan Black’ Series in Development at AMC (EXCLUSIVE)

Variety is reporting that AMC is now in early talks to bring the beloved series Orphan Black back to TV, after it ended its five-season run on the channel two years ago. Instead, it would be an all-new story set in the same universe - which could mean a completely different set of clones than those in the show. Orphan Black producer Temple Street Productions will be overseeing the new spinoff.

The original Orphan Black received considerable critical and award attention. "The producers are now seeking a writer for the project and are looking to bring in multiple people to pitch different takes on what the show could be". AMC did not comment on what that premise will be, but based on what the original BBC America show covered, it could be about the eugenics-experimenting Dyad Institute or their hyper-religious counterparts, the Proletheans. Each of its five seasons were showered with accolades by critics; Maslany scored well-deserved Emmy nominations for her lead performance no fewer than three times, taking home the trophy in 2016. Also open to question is whether the show would air on BBC America, AMC, or both (as Killing Eve will for its upcoming season 2), but, hey, it wouldn't truly be Orphan Black without questions wrapped in enigmas wrapped in mysteries.

For those not in the know, Orphan Black told the story of Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany), a woman whose world is turned upside down when she encounters multiple clones of herself - the first of which, a copy going by the name of Elizabeth Childs, promptly commits suicide. Are you interested in a new Orphan Black series?



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