LEAKED: Apex Legends character images

Apex Legends Battle Pass Leak Is Season 1 is about to add these new features

This is expected to happen during Season 1 and data miners even found evidence to suggest it would happen on March 12.

While the stream itself doesn't hint at having anything to do with a battle pass or new character, it wouldn't be out of style for the Apex crew to drop the news on us out of no where.

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Twitter user, @shrugtal, who first spotted the image change of Octane, also posted the blurb that goes with it.

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information which suggests that superjumping is on its way to Apex Legends.

The only piece of information confirmed by Respawn Entertainment is that the Battle Pass will release in March.

"The Battle Pass is a seasonal system that rewards players with exclusive cosmetic items", the official website confirms.

"The Season 1 Battle Pass is here, purchase it at the in-game store for 950 Apex Coins".

PUBG and Fortnite have had a problem with scripts running loose on their servers, and Apex Legends is no stranger to this scourge either. Scaling up our anti-cheat team so we have more dedicated resources. Those leaks have painted a picture both of what the new Legend will be and, roughly, when it will release. "SuperJumpsUsed" was also included, so there is a limit to how many you can perform.

These menu-oriented leaks extend to callouts for the Battle Pass, including an icon for what's labeled as the free Battle Pass, the paid one which appears to be called Diamond, and a "details_box", which may be a pop-out menu talking about the perks of upgrading to the paid Apex Legends Battle Pass.

Based on a recent leak, the new character will be able to move across the map much faster than his fellow combatants.

However, there could be plenty of stuff we don't know about the new Legends and how it will fit into the overall game meta.



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