Flood warnings issued along Tittabawasse and Saginaw rivers for this weekenda

Elkhorn River Flood Warning

Flood warnings have been issued for the Saginaw and Tittabawassee rivers in Mid-Michigan, which are expected to spill over their banks this weekend. The river is expected to top levels of the 2011 Missouri River Flood. Scattered showers are expected Friday, but flooding is not.

The late winter "bomb cyclone" that stunned more than 25 states with snow, rain and wind has caused flooding that is threatening the operational safety of a nuclear power plant in southeast Nebraska.

The plant continues to operate safely and "there is no threat to plant employees or to the public", the utility said in a release.

NPPD said its procedures require it to declare an unusual event to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission when the Missouri River tops 899 feet above sea level. Meteorologist Brian Pierce with the National Weather Service's Quad Cities office in Davenport, Iowa, said flooding on the MS could get worse a few weeks as more snow melts in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The midweek storm crippled parts of Colorado and Wyoming with blizzard conditions.

Elkhorn River Flood Warning

Officials continue to monitor waterways along the Grand River watershed, as rain and warm temperatures continue to cause significant ice and snow melt.

The historic low-pressure system, which affected more than 105 million people this week according to the National Weather Service, continued moving east.

Wisconsin's governor declared a state of emergency Friday as flooding worsened, and Iowa's governor expanded an emergency proclamation issued a day earlier. The weather service recorded a 60 miles per hour (97 kph) wind gust at Indianapolis International Airport. Flooding, hail and strong winds also were reported in parts of the two states. Municipal flood co-ordinators are being advised to warn residents in Warning Zone 1.

NEVER, ever, move or drive past Road Closed signs.



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