Flight staff threaten to remove woman for 'inappropriate outfit'

Emily O'Connor in her crop top

Taking to Twitter, Emily O'Connor stated "Flying from Birmingham to Tenerife, Thomas Cook told me that they were going to remove me from the flight if I didn't "cover up" as I was "causing offence" and was "inappropriate".

21-year-old Emily O'Connor says she was left "shaking and upset" after being told her outfit, a crop-top and high waisted trousers, was "causing offence".

O'Connor claimed that the airline staff had been "sexist and misogynistic" because they did not ask a male passenger in shorts and a vest to cover up.

A woman was left "shaking and upset" after being told to cover up before boarding a Thomas Cook flight.

The flight staff hounded her for 20 minutes until Emily gave in and wore a jacket lent to her by her cousin.

Thomas Cook has since apologised for the way staff handled the situation.

She said: "Let's get a few facts straight".

A spokesman for the airline appologized for the incident and said staff 'could have handled the situation better'.

"They announced that I was offensive and inappropriate in front of the whole flight".

The airline said its cabin services director has spoken to O'Connor twice since the incident to apologize further.

This Morning fans were up in arms today when a young girl described how Thomas Cook airlines had tried to remove her from a flight because of her choice of clothing. She asked everyone onboard if her outfit is offending anyone but apart from a co-passenger, no one seem to be bothered about it.

O'Connor said a manager then "went to get [her] bag to remove [her] from the flight".

She said on her Instagram account that she is proud for having stood up for herself.

According to Emily, there was four flight attendants trying to get her luggage to take her off the plane.

The airline said as per its clothing policy, customers wearing "inappropriate attire [including items with offensive slogans or images] will not be permitted to travel unless a change of clothes is possible". "Put a f****** jacket on".

O'Connor's ordeal has sparked a heated debate on Instagram with users both showing support to the United Kingdom woman and shunning her. O'Connor is from the town of Solihull southeast of Birmingham.

She said: "I am getting targeted, and said that my shoulders and arms are out, when a gentleman is in the exact same situation".

"We are sorry that we upset Ms. O'Connor", a Thomas Cook spokesperson told INSIDER. "Our crews have the hard task of implementing that policy and don't always get it right", the airline added.



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